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Q. When Do You Have Glow In The Dark?

A.   All the time! (Glow 5-Pin is our upstairs floor.)

Q. Is 5-Pin bowling just for kids?

A. No absolutely not! 5-Pin is for everyone no matter what their age is!

Q. What is the difference between 5-Pin and 10-Pin?

A.   5-Pin has smaller pins spaced further apart, the balls are smaller and have no holes for your fingers, and you get 3 throws per frame. 10-Pin has more pins spaced closely together, bigger balls with holes for your fingers, and you get only 2 throws per frame.

Q. Can We Bring In A Birthday Cake?

A.   Absolutely! When bringing in a cake hourly rates are charged. You can bring your own plates and utensils, or we can supply them for a small charge. The charges are $5.00 for up to 12 sets and $10.00 for 13 sets and up.

Q. Are You Licensed Both Upstairs And Downstairs?

A.   Yes we are! We have a great mix of LOCAL (we're talking within walking distance to the breweries!) CRAFT BEER, Cider, Coolers and Wine. 

Q. Can We Bring In Our Own Alcohol?

A.   This is a hard NO.  Any patrons found consuming outside alcohol will be asked to leave, forfeiting any time left on their game.

Q. Can We Bring In/Order Outside Food?

A.   We do not allow outside food.  Check out Our Menu we're happy to cook for you.

Q. Do You Take Reservations Online?

A.   Not at this time. 

Q. How Do I Make A Reservation?

A.   Call us at 604-253-2747.  We'll handle the rest.

Q. When Should We Make Our Reservation?

A.   The earlier the better! 

Q. Do You Accept Walk Ins?

A.  We do!  Lane availability is not guaranteed, and we cannot provide wait times over the phone. 

Q. Is It Better To Book By The Hour Or By The Game?

A.  We recommend paying by the Game, (or 3 game special for 10 or less people see below)  

     For groups of 13 or more people - Hourly Rates will apply.

Q. Can We Pay Separately?

A.  All groups of 12 or less may pay separately. 
     For groups of 13 or more must be paid in one payment.  

Q. Do You Have Any Specials?

A. We sure do! We post information about our specials on the Rates & Specials Page.

Q. How Long Does It Take To Bowl A Game?

A.   We estimate up to 10 minutes per person per game.

       ie: 4 people on a lane should take 30 - 40 minutes to bowl one game.

Q. Do Children Pay The Same Rates As Adults?

A.   Everyone pays the same amount per game.  Children under 12 get FREE shoe rentals. 

       (Free shoe rental does not apply during Kids Bowl Free)

Q. What Size Shoes Do You Offer?

A.  From Toddler size 6 to Women's size 11 or Men's size 17, we have your size! 

Q.  What Do We Do With Our Own Shoes?

A.   Your shoes stay with you. Just be sure to bring back ours when you're done.

Q. Can We Go Outside With Our Bowling Shoes On?

A.  No bowling shoes outside, it's for everyone's safety!

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